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Need Assistance?
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do not hesitate to call 0161 370 6555
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Unions and Professional Associations

All payments are fully amendable.

Please note the payments for each union are average, full time payments. They may differ slightly from your actual payments, if you are unsure please contact your union. The 2014/15 figure is used by the Tax Office to calculate the increase in your tax free allowance for future years.
Name of Organisation 2020/212021/222022/232023/242024/25
If your organisation is not listed on the dropdown, please give the details below and indicate your annual subscriptions. We will then investigate whether tax relief is available and add them to your application if appropriate.
Please note, Unison members can only claim if they are employed by a charity. Anyone employed by a local authority or NHS trust is unable to claim as Unison has not negotiated tax relief for these individuals.
Please detail any information relevant to your
claim (previous names, employers etc).


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